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Cookery Camp for Children

Food and farming, soil and nature - on Friday we had a half day visit from the CIE - Culinary Institute of Europe. At this time of year they run a summer school for children to learn about food and cooking, and the last day they spend half a day on an organic farm learning about where food comes from, and the impacts of the food system on the environment. We are really happy to partner with the CIE on this, as we are very committed to nurturing the next generation to be more aware about how what we eat affects both our individual health and perhaps even more important the health of the enviornment around us. Having 15 ten to twelve-year-olds in the garden was fun. This age group is always so brimming with questions and enthusiasm. They raced around the garden, made a salad to go with their snack lunch and impressed us with their knowledge of the world around them. There is plenty of reason to hope for the future as long as we set good examples for the up-coming generations. We all need to be the change we want to see.

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