• Matthew & Kata

Charred Sweet Red Pepper Quiche with Cherry Tomatoes






lots of sweet red pepper roughly cut

a few shallot onion

a handful of cherry tomatoes

3-4 pcs eggs

little milk

salt and pepper


Mix together the flour and butter - take your time with this. Add salt and water to make a dough. Spread and push the pastry down in a baking tray, make sure dough goes up till the edges. The pastry should be thin - about 0.5 cm. Bake this in the oven a little.

Grill the roughly cut peppers in a little oil in an iron pan.

Mix the eggs with a little milk, sprinkle salt and pepper and freshly cut sage.

Take out the half-baked pastry from the oven. Put the peppers, thinly sliced shallots together and place the halved cherry tomatoes on top. Pour over the eggy mix - make sure it covers the whole lot. Bake till golden. Enjoy!

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