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Bemutatkozunk: Interjú Katival / We are introducing our team: Interview with Kati

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

(For English, see below)

Az elkövetkező hetekben szeretnénk mindenkit bemutatni a csapatunkból mini videóinterjúk formájában. Az első interjú Katival készült, aki most már lassan 5 éve van nálunk es nagyon sokat tanult ezalatt az idő alatt. Kati mindig tele van élettel - lnézzétek meg a vele készített interjút!

For the next few weeks we want to feature mini interviews on our Zsámboki Biokert team.  This week's interview is with Kati, who has been on the garden team for a good few years now, and has lots of experience gained in the field.  Kati is always full of life - you can see the interview on video. We were talking in Hungarian - so we transcribed the script below:

Matt:  Hi Kati - what is your main role in the garden?

Kati: Hi Matthew.  I am responsible for the harvesting team, and making sure that vegetables are brought in from the garden at the right time and in the right condition.  Making sure things are harvested as they should be.

M: What do you like best about working in the garden?

Kati: Harvesting and planting out.

M: And what do you least like?

Kati: Harvesting coriander (cilantro) 

M: What would you recommend cooking from the garden at this time of year?

Kati: A very tasty chard and coriander soup - that is always a favourite.  Followed by a Swiss Chard risotto.

M: So you don't mind eating coriander, you just don't like harvesting it?

Kati: That's right.  It has a very strong smell.  But it is also delicious when cooked.

M:  Thanks Kati!

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